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In the Western part of Canaima National Park, Auyantepuy is one of the largest and better known "tepuy" (A flat-top mountain ending with vertical walls). From this tepuy is where the Angel Falls are formed.

The fall is 979 meters high (around 3000 ft.), and is the highest waterfall in the world.

"Angel Falls" is the Eighth Wonder of World. It's Venezuela's most touted tourist attraction, and rightly so.  The falls plunge for a near free-fall kilometer, some twenty Niagaras piled atop one another.  


There are two main ways to see the Angel Falls.

One of them is from the air in a small airplane.

The other one is an excursion that starts with a 3 hour and half navigation upstream the Carrao River, and then the Churun river. From there, a one hour walk through the jungle takes you to the base of the falls. 

The Angel Falls was named after the American aviator that discovered them in 1937. However, the local Indians, the Pemones, already knew it and called it the Churún Merú.

〜Model Itinerary〜

*The plan introduced here is just a model.
The number of days may increase depending on the date of travel and/or domestic flight conditions.

< Day1 >
Arrival in CCS Airport
Meet-up with our staff , the transfer to the hotel.

< Day2 >

Transfer to the domestic terminal.

Flight to Puerto Ordaz or Barcelona depend on flight schedule on the date.

Change the flight to Canaima.
Arrival in Canaima, transfer to the Lodge with staff.

Lunch at the lodge.

After lunch, leave for the excurtion El Sapo.

Transfer to Canaima beach and ride on the boat to Anatoly island.

Landing on the island, walk to El Sapo(Sapo falls)

It depends on the amount of water, but when you pass through the back of the waterfall, there is a high probability to be soaked.

Please wear a swimsuit and watch out on your step. After visiting Sapo Falls, return to the lodge.

< Day3 >

Leave for Angel Falls Boat tour 1night/2days.

Ride on the boat from Carrao River, you will arrive Mayupa island in 30mins.

Hiking 30-40mins and cross the island, then you take ride on the boat again, about 4 hors to get to the camp.

After have a lunch (Lunch box), start Mini-trekking to viewpoints of Angel Falls.

It takes about 1h30min-2hs / 1way walking through the jungle.

After Mini-trekking, you can take a bath in the river in front of our camping.
*there is no bath-room in our camping site.

Dinner at the camping site.

< Day4 >

After breakfast, we go back to Canaima(About 5hs trip)

Arriving at the loge and have a lunch。

Please spend a relaxing afternoon.

< Day5 >

Back to Puerto Ordaz from Canaima airport.

And then, connect flight to Caracas Airport (CCS)

Meet-up with our staff , the transfer to the hotel.

< Day6 >

Transfer to International airport CCS.

After Check-in, headed to the boarding gate. 


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