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Terms and Conditions

Contract & Reservations

The information contained in this publication has been checked to guarantee that it is

correct at the time of publication. However, some information like fares, itineraries, and hotels

are subject to change without notice, so please consider the data presented here for

informational purposes only. The data will be confirmed once the booking request is made.

The inscription in any of our programs means the acceptation of the particular sales



Note & conditions: The domestic airlines in Venezuela do not assume any responsibilities


**loss of luggage

**Damages to suitcases

**loss of connecting flights or continuing services in other destinations (due to cancellations or

flight delays of the airline with which passengers are travelling.

For this reason, it is recommended for all passengers to take out an insurance policy from their country of origin to cover these expenses. Our prices do NOT include loss of connecting flights and continuing services. 

In case of loss of connecting flights - passengers must buy a new ticket to continue to the other

destination and assume the loss of services & NO SHOW fees, in the continuing destination. 

Domestic air tickets:

Upon making reservations, the airline gives us only 24 hours to purchase the tickets which are :

a) non-refundable

b) Once tickets are purchased, there is no refund if any cancellation

c) Any changes on dates may incur some fees

d) Name changes are not permitted 


To confirm bookings in any of the reservations, the customer will be required a minimum deposit of 20% of the total price of the contracted services. 

Formal penalties for cancellations:

· Transfers; Excursions: 50% of the confirmed amount after the deadline of 72 hours prior.

Full payment as a No-Show at the time agreed for the entrance

· Hotels: 01 room night after the deadline of 72 hours before the entrance

Full room nights as No-Show at the time agreed for the entrance

· Lodges: 100% of the confirmed amount after the deadline of 72 hours prior to entrance

· Charter flights: 50% of the confirmed amount after the deadline of 15 days prior to departure

100% fees 72 hours departure of the flight


All refund requests must be made by THE CUSTOMER to HotDestinations, no later than 30 days after completion of the contracted services, and should provide evidence of the claim made at the destination. Any amount for services not used voluntarily by the customer will be not refunded.

Check-in and Check-out:

In most hotels check-in time for passengers is at 15:00 and check-out at 12:00, this being accepted by the travel agency and/or the customer. Any changes in these schedules should be requested in writing at the time of booking and the authorization shall be subject to the policy of each one of the hotels in particular. Additional charges for this concept may apply. 


Is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT to have all the proper documents for travel. The customers must carry a valid passport and visas required according to the itinerary chosen. Failure of the above by THE CLIENT will cause him to lose the right of any reimbursement and suffer the consequences of their omission. The CLIENT must also accept if the authorities of any country, refuse the entrance of the customer. 

Interrupted Travel:

All travel interrupted or cancelled and any services not consummated, by the decision of the customer, whatever the reason, must be assumed by him, HotDestinations will not be obliged to make refunds.


Luggage and other personal effects travel at CUSTOMER´s risk, and under no circumstances will

HotDestinations or the Operator (external if any) will be responsible for the eventual loss of

luggage. We advise the customer to take an insurance policy to cover this type of risk.

Disclaimers of HOTDESTINATIONS: 

1-We assume no responsibility for loss, damage, or injury to persons or properties suffered for

reasons of civil commotion, riots, strikes, acts of any government, bad weather and/or climatic

and/or natural disasters, or acts or omissions of any nature of forces beyond our control. 

2- Should it be necessary to alter itineraries to the interests of comfort, defence, and/or the

the wellbeing of the passengers, or circumstances beyond our control such as expiry of deadlines for payment from our clients, unexpected airline flight changes, climatic/weather or whatever other natural barriers, civil/military commotions, no-penalty will be incurred by HOTDESTINATIONS. Any additional expenses will be on account of the travellers. HOT DESTINATIONS will act as an intermediary to find the best solution possible for the benefit and interest of the passengers and suppliers. 

3-We remind you that all outdoor excursions are logically subject to climatic conditions and

unforeseen changes, itineraries can suffer operational changes without previous notice. 

4- The reimbursement for services not rendered due to alterations will correspond to the results of a subsequent investigation, and with the measure of whatever can be recovered from the hotels, carriers, local suppliers, or whichever other company or persons are involved. HOT

DESTINATIONS will take measures to find the best solution possible for the benefit and interest of the passengers and intermediate suppliers. 

5- All receipts, coupons, vouchers, tickets, and orders for accommodations, services,

transportation, and all itineraries, arranged are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the owners/managers/contractors who provide them. 

6- Special note should be made that: HOTDESTINATIONS will assume no-responsibility

and penalty charges for unexpected airline flight changes, taking into account that once tickets are issued it is a sole contract between the airlines and the purchasers of our programs and/or the passengers. 

7- On acceptance from HOT DESTINATIONS of receipts, coupons, vouchers, tickets, service orders, and itineraries, the bearers agree to be bound by the above-stated terms and conditions.

8. Prices are given per person (or " Pax") unless otherwise stipulated. Our prices are calculated in good faith, according to rates and exchange rates known or in force at the moment of the reservation. Prices become definite only when our invoice is issued.

Our prices are calculated exactly according to the number of participants. Should there be a

reduction of the number of participants, the package will have to be recalculated according to the new number of participants and a new price per person established, even if our invoice has

already been issued. 

9. Travelers are requested to comply with laws and rules in force when travelling,

concerning passports, visas or other requested documents. Passengers are solely liable to respect these rules and will support any occasional costs in case of last-minute changes or cancellations. 

An Informal Note:   

Please bear in mind that travelling in Venezuela (as well as in other Latin American countries) is an experience immersed in a totally different culture and lifestyle where informality may prevail. As a result, expectations of services may differ from other parts of the world. While we strive to provide you with the highest level of services possible we cannot guarantee that even our most meticulously planned arrangements may suffer unexpected changes/delays/advances etc.


HotDestinations declares that it acts only as an intermediary between customers and local

suppliers, ie, entities or persons that provide services for any damage, injury, accident, delay, or irregularities that could occur during the execution of services to persons making the trip through them, as well as luggage and other objects of his property, poor natural atmospheric conditions, demonstrations, riots, wars or rumours of wars or any unforeseeable circumstances force majeure and therefore cannot be attributed to the will of either party.

When the customer travels by any means of air, water, land or sea transport, he is subject to the laws of the country in which it is registered. The said CUSTOMER air transport should be subject to the general conditions of the contract on the ticket of the Airline and, therefore, assumes no responsibility for in case. 

Customer Acceptance:

The CUSTOMER shall acknowledge and accept these general conditions of the contract with

HotDestinations. This acceptance is ratified through any one of the following acts: 

A) The payment of the contracted services before the start of the journey by any form or manner.

B) The acceptance of the bill of contracted services.

C) The acceptance of the services and budget by e-mail

Angel Falls Venezuela tour expeditions. 

HOT DESTINATIONS. Caracas, Venezuela. 2023 

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